In a sport where egos are often measured in cms and kgs, it’s difficult to describe who you are and where you have been without sounding full of it. I’ll try, but forgive me if I fail. All I can intentionally say is that I am extremely grateful to have been afforded the opportunities to fish the amazing places that I have. Fly fishing is in my blood, literally. Long before Instagram profiles and brand ambassadors, my grandfather, Harry Stewart was the OG fly fisherman. He grew up fly fishing in Scotland, moved to Rhodesia after World War II, ran Troutbeck Inn, founded both Stewart’s Fishing Flies and Hairy Fairy Flies before settling in South Africa and in later years moving to New Zealand. Thanks to him and my father, I have been fly fishing for over 35 years with 23 of those years spent fishing and guiding in over 25 different countries. If I had to hang my hat anywhere in the world, it would be in the Seychelles. From being a co- founder of FlyCastaway and Flyz Inc, to co-founding the Alphonse Fishing Company and now our latest initiative, Blue Safari, my home is in the remote atolls of the Seychelles. Living where I do comes with obvious perks, not least of which is access to the incredible fisheries on my doorstep. I have been lucky enough to be the first to fly

fish and guide trips to numerous of the now well-known outer atolls of the Seychelles. Many would call it pioneering, but I see it as school fees. No matter where you fish, spend enough time on the water and that will translate into expertise. My time spent exploring the Indian Ocean has  allowed me to become an ambassador for the Giant Trevally (GT) and in tune with how best to guide for these powerful adversaries. Over the  years I have personally guided clients into catching over 5200 fly-caught GTs on the flats as well as being at the forefront of developing techniques on how to catch various previously “non catchable” fish species found in  the Indian Ocean, like landing the first bumphead parrotfish on fly.  The years I’ve spent exploring, promoting and establishing the remote atolls of the Seychelles as the world’s best saltwater fly fishing destination have been the best years of my life. Along the way I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside various fly rod, reel, line, hook, braid and clothing companies, developing a standard of tackle, gear and rigging that can survive the extremes of casting big flies and fighting explosive gamefish in the tropics. If I continue to have any say in it, there will be plenty more to come.

FARQUHAR ATOLL – A renewed and pristine environment

Farquhar Atoll is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In 2016 a massive cyclone devastated the Island. This film revolves around a small group of anglers, who were fortunate enough to visit the island for the first time in over a year.

ALPHONSE ISLAND – Blue Horizon by Sport Fishing Television

Featuring epic footage of incredible bonefishing, a 1h35min battle with the infamous fork-tailed devil a.k.a. the milkfish, and finishing it off with some proper giant trevally action, this is a true reflection of everything Alphonse Island has to offer with key focus on the conservation projects implemented on this amazing atoll.

GLORIOUS BASTARDS, AUSTRALIA – by Capt. Jack Productions

Jako Lucas, Keith Rose-Innes, Josh Hutchins, Christiaan Pretorius and a crew of expedition anglers explore the outer reaches of the Australian coast and find some of the best salt water fishing in the South Pacifiic targeting blue bastards and Indo Pacific permit.