Lena River, Yakutia Province, Siberia, Hucho Taimen

In 2005 I was fortunate enough to be invited by fly fishing explorer Ilya Sherbovich on my first trip to the remote rivers of Siberia. This adventure took us to two rivers, the Bisuke and Olanjok, in Yakutia province. Ilya's expeditions are precisely planned with every detail provided and no expense spared. To say that the adventure was mammoth is an understatement! Our flights were on a private airliner that could have fitted two hundred people. Our camps were prepared on a daily basis by the rafting Team Galkey. We had two Mi8 helicopters to move from river to river and most importantly we were a bunch of young mates, made up from all over the world, having fun and mostly new to Siberia. We experienced wolves swimming after reindeer, Russian brown bear and rivers that seemed virgin with hungry lennok and greyling eager to pounce on a fly. Our main target taimen were not so easy and we had to cover water. Once found the fishing was truly spectacular and something i will never forget. We named pools like the "World Record Pool" , which produced fish after fish with many of them exceeding the current IGFA records. Steve Estella's fish on 6lbs tippet exceeded the current record, I manages a 32lbs taimen of 4lbs and Ilya set a new IGFA of 39lbs on 20lbs. A trip that would never be possible without Ilya's sense of adventure, generosity and great friendship.