Bolivia, Tsimani Lodge, Golden Dorado

The Tsimane Lodges are located in a national park and an indigenous territory named Tipnis, within the regions of Beni and Cochabamba. It's part of the Vilcabamba, Amboró Conservation Corridor, in the Sub-Andean strip of the tropical Andes between Peru and Bolivia.
The most significant rivers in this vast drainage are Isiboro and the Sécure; tributaries of the Mamoré, which is part of the Amazon basin.

Every year, massive runs of “Sabalo” migrate up the Sécure River and it’s tributaries to spawn. These migrations are just comparable to the great runs of Salmon that occur in Alaska each summer. Big schools of Dorado and other predatory fish follow the sabalo through our winter and into fall until the Dorado spawn in the Headwaters Rivers and streams. Freshly hatched Dorado “Alevins”, start begin feed on juvenile sabalo, before making their way down stream to grow larger and eventually make their own journey up river as an adult fulfilling the circle of life.

During the fishing day, you’ll witness hundreds of Macaws, butterflies, different mammals, and birds all living inside a pristine jungle forest environment, that joins the Amazon leafy vegetation with the ancient foothills Andes mountains.

Tsimane opens the possibility to fly-fish for huge Dorados in small mountain rivers with clear waters surrounded by a virgin rainforest. Although the fish population remains completely untouched and at certain moments the fishing bursts into endless hunts, one has to be prepared for more technical situations in which Dorados appear more selective. Sight fishing in clear shallow waters takes an accurate cast and a silent approach. Surface fly-fishing during these hunts requires good speed and reflex.

The best fishing is during the dry season, from May up to and including October, a period in which the most astonishing migration of Sabalos and Dorados in South America takes place. In addition to Dorado, large Pacu and Yatorana can be caught, and also occasionally striped Surubi and a rare variety of Dorado endemic to the Amazon basin.