British Columbia, Steelhead 2015

An amazing trip with my buddy Ollie Dawber to British Columbia fishing some of the most famous steelhead rivers. Our base was Skeena Spey Lodge in Smithers, perfectly places for short day trips to the Skeena, Balkley and Maurice Rivers. The lodge has a world class guide team and accommodation fit for a king. A real treat was heading up to the old Maurice River lodge and spending a night when the Balkely and Skeena Rivers blew out. Being anadromous Steelhead are a species that enter the river to spawn with numerous variables that can determine when they enter. Our timing was almost perfect with plenty fish both on wet and dry flies. These rivers are pristine but on the edge of collapse and we all need to play our part in supporting the organisations that are trying to protect these amazing fish. Steelhead are extremely vulnerable to many stressors and threats almost all man made, which including blocked access to spawning grounds, netting and habitat degradation caused by dams and culverts. One distinct population segment is listed as endangered and 10 DPS’ and 1 experimental non-essential population are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.