Ryabaga Camp, Ponoi River, Russia, Atlantic Salmon

In the middle of the rugged beauty of tundra and rock sits the amazing Ryabaga camp with five star comfort, amazing staff, superior guides and fine dining. It's one of the most special places on this planet and one that I have had the privilege of guiding at for four seasons (2000 - 2004). Ryabaga Camp is very different to other Kola camps as guests and staff socialising in the evenings over fresh salmon and vodka. It's an incomparable place if you consider that it boasts a per-rod, per-week average of 30 or more fish during an 18-week season and has done so for more than 20 years. Generally the spring season averages 30 to 40+ fish per rod, the summer 20 to 30 fish and the autumn 20 to 35 fish per rod. The possibility for guests to catch over 100 fish in a week is not common any where in the world. If you want to be certain of catching a salmon, Ponoi is undoubtedly the most reliable option, even in the worst conditions. The famous white nights with twenty-four hours of light give way to my favourite time of year when the autumn run enters the river. What makes this time of years so special is that these bright sea loused Atlantic salmon can be caught on a floating line as well as skated flies. http://www.ponoiriver.com