Apalachicola, USA, Big Tarpon on Bamboo

Tarpon are considered by many anglers to be the ultimate fly rod species and I tend to agree. It's as if they were designed for fly fisherman to test their tackle with a bunch of tricks that will test any saltwater rod. Enter the testing of the Thomas and Thomas Exocette range of rods, which we were fortunate to have been part of through the design stages. Owner, Neville Orsmond simply said, "cast them, pull them, try break them and tell me what you think".  Well, I fish them exclusively now and thats about all I need to say. Getting back to tarpon and how the early day saltwater fly fishing pioneers used to catch them on split cane rods. So, why not wind back the clock and have a go at catching these amazing beasts on a split cane rod to experience what the saltwater pioneers had to deal with. 

This was to be my first bamboo mission as I hadn't caught a fish on a split cane before. And so my bamboo mission to catch as many big saltwater gamefish species on the magnificent Sextant range of split cane fly rods begun.  Troy Jacques handcrafts these masterpieces to not only be beautiful but also powerful. Each Thomas and Thomas bamboo fly rod is a  piece of art, both elegant and functional.

I managed some big tarpon on the trip and am now addicted to catching them on bamboo. Truly one of the best experiences as you definitely feel more connected to the fish.