Florida Keys, Tarpon, Captain Joel Dickey

The Florida Keys is a special place as it’s the area where all the pioneering work was done back in the days paving the way for our amazing sport of fly fishing. The tarpon fishing is suggested to be better during the months of October to June but my good friend Cpt. Joel Dickey @captjoeldickey convinced us to come down in July,”Come down in July, you all will be pleasantly surprised” We fished out of the Marathon area and as Joel said, “we were pleasantly surprised”. The tarpon fishing was as good as I had ever experienced anywhere in the world. Some mornings boasted continuous shots at feeding frenzies, strings and rollers in the 10 – 140lbs range. Split days allow for a four hour action packed morning, late breakfast at one of the diners, afternoon nap and back on the water for an afternoon session. Throw in a couple dinners at the Square Grouper and you have a trip that is complete.