Faro River, Cameroon, West Africa, Nile Perch

Healthy environments are isolated and dwindling before our eyes, and a journey to this location in Cameroon is the opportunity to see a piece of Africa that is an extremely rare representation of how vast areas of the African continent…

Florida Keys, Tarpon, Fishing with Captain Joel Dickey

The Keys is a special place as it's the area where all the pioneering work was done back in the days paving the way for our amazing sport of fly fishing. Cpt. Joel Dickey convinced us to visit in July and to say it was epic is an understatement!
Varzina River

Varzina River, Kola Peninsula, Russia, Atlantic Salmon

A trip to the amazing Varzina River, Kola Peninsula, Russia in search of a big silver Atlantic salmon fresh off the sea. The river is small and dramatic with numerous rapids and amazing pools starting only seven kilometers from the sea.

Morocco, Africa, White Marlin on a Bamboo Fly Rod

Morocco is truly a great place to target white marlin on fly and dare I say bamboo. This small billfish makes up in all departments by being wary and more technical than most other bill fish species. Bamboo white marlin mission complete!
Thomas & Thomas

The Bamboo Mission with Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods

To catch as many big saltwater gamefish species on the T&T Sextant range of split cane fly rods. Troy Jacques handcrafts these masterpieces to not only be beautiful but also powerful. The #bamboo mission is ongoing and addictive.

Apalachicola, USA, Big Tarpon on a Bamboo Fly Rod

The mission was to catch a big tarpon on a T&T bamboo fly rod. The perfect place to do so had to be the USA boasting the worlds best tarpon guides as well as one of the healthiest migrations of fish. Bamboo big tarpon mission complete!

Lena River, Yakutia Province, Northern Siberia, Hucho Taimen

A journey of mammoth proportions covering more that 1000 kilometers on the Lena River, crossing the Arctic Circle twice, fishing 10 far-flung Siberian rivers targeting big taimen, lennok, grayling, pike and the first fly caught Russian nelma.

Tugur River, Tugursky Reserve, Eastern Siberia, Hucho Taimen

The Tugur River, a remote watershed 500 miles northwest of the city of Khabarovsk on the eastern side of Russia. Deep in the Russian Far East and part of the Turgusky Resevre, it's a place with huge hucho taimen that feed on large pink salmon.
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